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Title: B.O.B.'s At3k Mod Write- Up
Post by: Zaxbys on August 02, 2007, 11:49:57 am
Brass on Brass  At3k Mod
By: Zaxbys

This is a tutorial over how to do a brass barrel replacement ,and "pump plug mod" to an At3k.


--- You' ll need 1 Airtech 3000, found mostly nowadays in twin packs at Dollar General.
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--- Expoxy quick setting kind ( has to be)
--- 36 inches (or 3 sticks) of 17/32" Round Brass Tubing (found at most hobby stores for those who don't know which can be bought in 12in long pieces.
--- 12 inches (or 1 stick) of  9/16"  Round Brass Tubing
--- Some type of Brass Polish (perferably Brass- O)
--- An old rag
--- Hotglue gun
--- Hotglue


---Exacto Knife

Now onto the write- up.

This write- up will take you through the following mods:
1. "Pump Plug" Mod
2. "Brass on Brass barrel replacement
-a preparing the turret
-b preparing the barrels

Part 1.  "Pump Plug" Mod

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First take your stock Airtech 3000 and remove all the screws making sure not to strip them, remembering the screws on both sides of the pump handle ( We will refer to tfhe gun as an At3k for the rest of the write- up).  You should now see the internals shows in the picture above.

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Now locate the part shown in the picture above and pull it out.

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Look at the end of the pump, and using your hotglue gun  pluge the hole in the center making sure the glue is flush to the plastic around it, and slide the pump back into the place where you removed it from.

Warning: Now that you have plugged the overpressure release valve I would not suggest pump the gun up more than 3 pumps at the fear of something in the gun such as a plastice tube bursting! So remember no more than 3 pumps!

Now we'll move on to the next phase of our write-up!

Part 2.  Brass barrel replacement

A. Preparing the Turret

( (
(Thanks Cxwq for the picture)

Now close up the gun that was all the dealing with the internals that you'll have to do.  Start the barrel replacement by locating the line on the turret barrels about 3/4 the way back.  You want to cut the barrels, using your hacksaw, 5/16" behind that line to leave you enough of the barrel stub to work with your brass. Making very sure that you dont damage the auto- rotate mechanism in tehecenter of the turret.

( (

You should now have something that looks like something shown in the picture above.

B. Preparing the Barrels

First you'll want to take your 36inches (3 pieces) of 17/32" brass and cut them into 6 inch sections.  Then take your 12 in. (1 piece) of 9/16" brass and cut it into 2 inch sections.

( (

Now take one 2in section of 9/16" brass and slide it over 1 6in section of 17/32 brass so that you getr something resembling the picture above. (This is why the mod is called "Brass on Brass barrel replacemnt!"?) Repeat this with all six barrels.

( (

Now get your At3k now with cut barrels, your newly constructed barrels, your epoxy, and lots of patience!

( (

You'll want to start by preparing your epoxy, and putting a small amount of the epoxy inside of one of the barrels on the At3k as well asl on the end of the 9/16" brass now attached to your barrel (shown above)

( (

Now this is where quick setting epoxy comes in handy because now you'll need to properly center and set you barrel where it is straight and level like shown above.  Make sure you hold it in place until it sets because the barrels will shift and  accuracy problems can occur later. 

( (

Repeat gluing the barrels until you have glue all six barrels in the same manner until you get something as shown above.
When all the barrels are finished glueing and have set so that they no longer move, they should be allowed to cure overnight before being fired as to not risk the glue breaking it bond with the plastic.

Now after the epoxy cures:

1.Using your exacto knife clean off any excess glue
2. Polish the outside of the barrels with Brass- O to get that slick finish brass can have

Next enjoy you newly modded At3k! B.O.B. Style!

Questions?, Comments? Just PM Me!

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Very Nice!  :D

Title: Re: B.O.B.'s At3k Mod Write- Up
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Why thanks you. I promised in the "What happened to the forum" thread I'd post it so here it is, and all its wonder.

Title: Re: B.O.B.'s At3k Mod Write- Up
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Sweet niblets thats sweet

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Awesome! I've always loved this mod! :)

Title: Re: B.O.B.'s At3k Mod Write- Up
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A little old...

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Post by: Bomberman on December 11, 2007, 03:56:09 pm
Nice mod. Hi, I am very new here, and I have heard this lpace is dying off, is that true? :'( But, this is CornMan, form NHQ and NH. I will post some mods here sometime. umm. how do you get your own image to the site as your avatar from like google images? I pasted the address in the "I have my own pic" part and I cannot even get an avatar up