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Title: Tech Target Review
Post by: Zaxbys on June 30, 2007, 09:47:08 am
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The Tech Target  is spring pistol that as a stock weapon fires mega darts.  This gun has very simple intermals, and is probably one of the easiest to mod (In my opinion it was easier than the NF).  It has a good amount of power, and is a good sturdy sidearm to have in every arsenal. I would recommend this gun to any new player that needs a good sidearm that is easy to mod!  The gun also comes with a target board which is fun for a while but after a while just becomes boring! :-\

Stock Range: 7/10
Modded Range: 8/10
Rate of Fire: 6/10
Practicality: 10/10
Mobility: 7/10
Total: 44/60